Tuesday May 21st, 2024

Topless rideshare - updated 8.16

I am a mid 20's BBW driving for rideshare companies in the hartford area. Will be out tonightand interested in giving a topless ride. NO SEX. NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING SUPER KINKY. NOT PICKING EVERYONE! ILL PICK ONE, MAYBE TWO GUYS AND BE DONE. Ideal match is a nervous nerd type whose in his mid 20's and still has his v-card, looking to dip his toes. Not looking for man-whore types who are out to collect women like baseball cards. How it works:Contact me with a picture of you, some basic info & when/where you'd like to get picked up. If I decide to pick you, I'll come to your location and when I arrive nearby, you request the ride on the rideshare app. You pick the destination and length of the ride. It can be a round-trip ride. I will go topless, you are allowed to play with my large breasts for the duration of the ride. If you'd like, I will watch you jerk off. No sex, just breast play and I'll watch you jerk off if you want. Must be at least 21, not interested in anyone near being underaged.Shy guys with little to no experience welcomed! No sexual experience and want to dip your toes in the water? HMU!

  • Age 25