Sunday September 25th, 2022

Southern oregon to portland...possibilities...

38, SWF, small bbw, great rack, beautiful skin and teeth (what? It IS doublelist after all). Kinky, depraved, always horny and its seems I'm pushing boundaries mode and more with age. I'm educates and employed. Baby-faced. I look like I'd run a quality bake sale for a good cause. But really, I'm for sure in my sexualprime. I find myself fantasizing about these random chance encounters withhot stranger DILFS and fit 20 somethings that have been watching milf pornsince they could logon to the web. When I'm away from my town, nobody knows who I am I find myself looking at men for that kinship of perversion in their eyes. That carnal hunger to Take and Be Taken, places like rest stops, or tiny porn stores/arcades off the i5, parks, etc I can't help but get a twinge of "oooh you know what would be so hot if..." in my panties whenim places that have just enough seclusion that something could happen. Itsthe "wrong" that makes it so F'ing right. So as I drive north today leaving the Manzanita Rest Stop MP 63 at 10:45AM writing this is the shade windows down, perfect weather, cute sundress, damp panties I ask you, do you get this? Do have a suggestion of a place that we might both just happen to be?Sneak away and let's be dirty today. Curious to see what this post produces. If you are suggesting we meet up. SEND A PIC IN THE FIRST EMAIL that gives me an idea of what you look like. I'm not going to have a lot of time for back and forth.

  • Age 38