Monday July 22nd, 2024

Need more weekly

I have a bf but he doesn't live with me, so I find myself feeling dissatisfied. I want one man to help me get through that and sex me regularly in his absence. Me: I am a 31 yr old red headed, blue eyed, 5'9" female. Size 8/medium in clothes. I have a pretty pink slit and milky white skin. Gorgeous teeth, big eyes. Very kinky. Will give you anything you ask for sexually. Love being spread and done and then flipped over and have my butt done too. Love toys in my butt while my slit is done. Extremely high sex drive. Here's what I want: 1. Guy that loves to be dominant, pushy in bed. Will spread my legs, take me without a second though. 2. Will finger me viciously. 3. Loves to do anal. 4. Will use my toys on me too. 5. black or white man with 8"+ dick. 6. Can dome at least 2-3x weekly or will at least meet to finger me and use a dildoon me. 7. Clean, discreet.8. Not over 50. 9. I want one man, unless you have a friend that will help and I can have it more often. Message me if you think this sounds fun.

  • Age 31