Monday July 22nd, 2024

Please read carefully - specific role play wanted

I am a 31 year old attractive female who is seeking a male 35+ year old male to give me a thorough medical exam. I am looking for a very realistic scenario whereby I would either go to the doctor's E2809Coffice" or he would make a house call. The exam would entail a full head to toe examination with no area overlooked. I would expect to change into a gown and have my vital signs taken, just as if I were going for a real exam. From there things would proceed with each part of my body carefully examined E28093 with extra timebeing spent on sensitive areas.I am not looking for guys who are just seeking sex. Depending on how the exam proceeds and the comfort level, the doctor may be able to cross the line and/or have the patient play with him.One additional important thing, you MUST be willing to do the examination in front of my husband. He will not participate in any way, nor will he take pictures, but having him watch me get touched all over is part of the fantasy. Thoughtful responses will receive priority. Pictures will be sent to those who are interested.

  • Age 31